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Piero Raschella

Personalised Meal Plan

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Have you been struggling with what to eat?

This Meal plan is designed for you, packed with everything you need to fuel your training sessions and achieve the results you've been wanting

You will not be required to track macros/calories as that is all included!

 This meal plan is everything you need to get consistent with your eating and you don't have to track calories/macros if you stick to it! I take into account your goals, personal characteristics, and lifestyle to build a meal plan that actually works for you! 


Activity Level Explanations 

Light: Little to no exercise (0-2 times a week)
Moderate: Daily exercise or intense exercise (3-4 times a week)
Active: Intense exercise 6-7 times a week and/or a physically strenuous job

It is your responsibility to fill in the correct inputs for the meal plans. If you don't then the numbers for your calories and macros will be inaccurate. We will not be changing your meal plan for you and you will have to repurchase it with the correct inputs. 

Please note, neither of us are medical professionals and this is only general nutrition information. The contents are based on what has personally worked for us in the gym. It is recommended that you consult with a qualified health professional for all issues regarding your own health. The document does not intend to replace the advice of a medical professional as the use of this plan is at your own risk.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Julian marsel
Excellent Meal Plan

Exactly what you need to start your gym journey and need some structure to follow with your diet.

Anthony Hills
Everything you need to make gains

If you follow the meal plan closely it is everything you need to make progress with your gains. It introduced me to cook for myself and get my nutrition prepared